Become a Bundler

The Role: Looking for ways to join the Army of Trump and support President Trump’s re-election campaign? Become a Trump Victory Finance Committee fundraiser, or “bundler,” and ensure that Team Trump can run the most effective campaign possible. Our Trump Victory Finance Committee is vital to reaching every donor, no matter how large or small. If you want to help, you first have to sign up at
After you are registered, you will receive a unique fundraising ID and customized contribution link, allowing you to access your personalized Trump Victory Finance Committee portal where you can track your progress towards your fundraising goals. Once you are part of the Trump Victory Finance Committee, you’ll be able to involve friends, family, and colleagues in the campaign. You can tap into that community to fundraise for President Trump’s campaign.
As you build your fundraising network, you will earn membership status within the Trump Victory Finance Committee and enjoy unique benefits. No contribution is too small – the average donation to the Trump Campaign is only $38! We all know that the Democrats and the liberal media will pour billions into their efforts to defeat President Trump. Together, we can make sure that President Trump and his campaign have the resources to win again on November 3, 2020. Your hard work can truly make a difference in this campaign.